Cryocab Cryotherapy Cryosauna

The Highly Innovative CryoCab Cryotherapy Cryosauna

The Future of Single-User Cryochamber Technology
With all of the cryosaunas available in the market today, it may be difficult to make a decision on which one will work best for your new cryotherapy business. With only three minutes of therapy time for your patient or customer, do you really need to get a device that has unnecessary electronic components that may end up breaking down at some point and add more maintenance issues to deal with. At the end of the day, the priority is safety for your user and making sure they receive the effective extreme cold therapy they are looking for.
The CryoCab cryotherapy chambers innovative design provides the only cryosauna with 10 safety sensors and alerts that will ensure the safety of your users. In addition, advanced software programming regulates liquid nitrogen usage to not only provide an effective cryotherapy treatment, but also saves you on liquid nitrogen consumption.
CryoNext Introduces The New CryoCab Cryosauna
Best Cryochamber on the market - The CryoCab


Designed by robotics engineers, this sleek all-steel cryosauna, with sophisticated components, makes it a very safe, lightweight and easy to maintain, cryosauna solution. The CryoCab offers multiple safety sensors and a robust computerized operating system, gives a business owner the peace of mind they need when handling a high tech treatment device.

CryoCab Cryotherapy Cryochamber - Safest Cryosauna in the USA


With it’s innovative Body Height Slider System, the CryoCab cryotherapy system accurately positions the upper rim around the users safe zone for a comfortable experience and automatically lowers after each session. This unique design eliminates the need for electronic lifts that easily break down and unnecessary pads that can absorb moisture and freeze your users feet.

CryoCab Cryotherapy Cryochamber - Safest Cryosauna in the USA


The CryoCab cryotherapy system includes the only nitrogen vapor aspirator technology, that extracts the gas away from the users face allowing for a safe experience, and then recycling it throughout the cabin area for a more efficient consumption process. This, along with advanced software technology can bring the usage down to as low as 4 liters per session.

Forward-Thinking Technology

Dependability & Performance – A Winning Combination
The bonus comes with it’s sleek all-steel design, making maintenance, hassle-free and lightweight enough to transport and fit wherever you want.
The chamber is equipped with 10 safety sensors which permanently analyse the customer’s environment and provide essential real-time information to the control system.
Liquid nitrogen extractors are located high up on the doors that remove nitrogen from the users face as it rises and stabilizes the vapor cloud below their face throughout the session. This ensures that nitrogen is not breathed in.
An extractor located at the bottom is used to evacuate the nitrogen immediately if the doors are opened or any other alert is given so that the room doesn’t fill up with liquid nitrogen vapors.
The Body Height Slider System is used to adjust the cooling enclosure accurately to the size of the person. The mechanical components needed to position the doors of the CryoCab cryotherapy chambers are not subject to the negative temperatures generated during the treatment.
This innovation guarantees the reliability of the system for a long period of time.