The Cryocab Made in France

The Exclusive Distributors of the Cryocab in the USA

Safe and innovative technology CRYOCAB® chambers provide optimised technology, in both their implementation and their control and supervision, through the incorporation of many control sensors.
The chamber is equipped with 10 safety sensors which permanently analyse the customer’s environment and provide essential real-time information to the control system.

An exclusive automatic system

Extractors high up on the doors suck up nitrogen as it rises and stabilise the cloud below the face throughout the session. This ensures that nitrogen is not breathed in.

An extractor located at the bottom is used to evacuate the nitrogen immediately if the doors are opened or any other alert is given.

The BODY SLIDER system is used to adjust the cooling enclosure accurately to the size of the person. The mechanical components needed to position the doors of the CRYOCAB® chambers are not subject to the negative temperatures generated during the treatment.

This innovation guarantees the reliability of the system in the long term.