The Cryomed Mini

The Widely Popular Cryosauna in the USA: Now in a Smaller Size

Cryomed Mini is a compact device for cryochamber therapy. It is the newest generation of equipment, using a cold air system for fast and less painful treatments and beauty. Simple, easy and really quick to install and use. Cryomed Mini cools clients to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. It’s a whole-body cryotherapy method using liquid nitrogen cryo technology.

Due to the smaller size, the price of cryo chamber and its maintenance costs are much lower than for standard cryotherapy equipment. This mini cryosauna can be placed anywhere you need. No wonder: Cryomed Mini’s height is 1.78 m with a footprint of only ​​1 m².

Cryo chamber therapy may be effective in relieving different types of pain, reducing inflammation, improving skin microcirculation, facilitating weight loss, and giving energy and relief.

Features Value
Power Supply 220V ± 22V AC, 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption, KW 1
Unit Weight, Kg Less than 250
Dimensions HxLxW, Mm 1780x1120x900
Temperature Inside Cabin from -110°C to -190°C
Cooling Duration 1 min
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (precooling), L <2
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (treatment), L <1 per minute
  • Technical Characteristics:

    • Weight of the cryosauna does not exceed – 250 kg
    • Machine measurements: 1780 mm H x 1120 mm L x 900 mm W
    • Power consumption: no more than – 1 kW
    • Mains voltage – 230 V/16 A
    • Type circuit breaker – “C”
    • Mains frequency – 50-60 Hz

  • Additional Options:

    • outer upholstery color selection (21 colors to choose from);
    • internal upholstery color selection (9 colors);
    • temperature display and color selection of the temperature display;
    • selection of a cabin size (S / M);
    • LED system is also placed underneath the cabin;
    • own branding (embroidered logo on inner upholstery, a Big logo on the outer shell);
    • remote control system for smartphones (5GHz).

  • Benefits of the Cryomed Mini:

    • Small size and weight
    • Easy installation (inside 10 minutes) due to all-in-one unit
    • Easy to move with transportation wheels
    • 4.3“ inches TECO touch screen
    • 3 years warranty for components max. 3000 procedures (what comes first)
    • Remote controlling the device by a desktop, tablet or smartphone (5GHz)
    • Wi-Fi or LAN Connectivity – easy updating of software and optimizing all the features
    • Active reporting system – current figures of the device sent directly into an email
    • Own Start-Up screen logo
    • Innovative technology of nitrogen dosing with fully automatic treatment temperature leveling
    • RGB LED lighting zone under the cabin
    • High-quality of industrial components and controllers (Teco, Schneider) are the guarantee of long-term lifetime of Cryomed Mini
    • Customizable cryosauna according to customer requirements
    • Suitable to install into the vehicle as a mobile unit
    • The lowest nitrogen consumption
    • Simple and easy preparation steps of the device before procedure