CryoNext Celebrates Providing Alabama Crimson Tide with the World’s Only Portable Whole Body Cryotherapy System

Alabama Crimson Tide Cryotherapy

CryoNext Celebrates Providing Alabama Crimson Tide with the World’s Only Portable Whole Body Cryotherapy System

By all accounts NCAA National Champions the Alabama Crimson Tide looked astonishing this year. Part of their recovery program involved having access to CryoNext’s revolutionary breakthrough Portable Whole Body Cryotherapy System.

There’s no question that in order to perform at the highest level of college and professional athletics, takes a combination of skill, talent, heart, coaching, and access to the latest training and recovery methods and technology.
Central Florida-located Whole Body Cryotherapy manufacturer CryoNext are quickly proving themselves to be a growing part of this equation. The latest success, recently celebrated by the company, is having provided NCAA National Champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, with the world’s only portable whole body cryotherapy system. The team looked amazing throughout their season and there’s little doubt that their recovery time and injury reduction rates saw serious benefits from having access to the CryoNext cutting edge technology.
“It’s not a shock that top athletes are looking for safe and reliable ways to get a competitive edge in an ethical way, permitted by all of the amateur and professional sports leagues and federations,” commented a spokesperson from CryoNext. “That’s exactly what we are providing. And the great thing is, our cryo-technology isn’t just something a team can have access to when they are at home, but our system can come on the road with them when they may end up needing it most.”
Alabama Crimson Tide Cryotherapy Provided By CryoNextThe NCAA National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide’s conditioning, energy levels and enthusiasm has been noticed by the highest and most respected levels of sports experts.
Todd Blackedge, ESPN Sports Commentator remarked, “This Alabama Defense doesn’t look like the same team that played all year, they look fresh and rejuvenated…”
Sports Center’s Scott Van Pelt agreed, making a point of emphasising, “[they] held Clemson to 188 yards with that refreshed Alabama defense.”
CryoNext, while offering their line to sports teams and interested individuals globally, have taken great pride in choosing Orlando as their home base. The company has built close ties to the community and have never hesitated to express their affection for the city, its diverse population, and its very competitive athletic programs.
There appears to be no doubt at all, following Alabama Crimson Tide’s success, with CryoNext technology as part of their recovery program, that many other college and professional football teams will be adding the CryoNext Portable Whole Body CryoTherapy System to their own athletic arsenals. No one wants to be the team that “runs out of gas” when they need it most, or doesn’t explore every avenue to enhance their ability to perform at the highest level.
CryoNext offer a number of different cryo sauna options, based on a team or individual’s needs, and are always more than happy to have a professional discuss their products and the diverse benefits they deliver. For those interested in becoming part of the cryotherapy revolution franchise opportunities are also available. This involves not just a turnkey business with a potentially very bright future, but also ongoing mentoring and support, in everything from marketing to SEO.

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