Cryotherapy: Wrong Information Can Hurt Your Customers

Cryotherapy: Wrong Information Can Hurt Your Customers

At CryoNext, our goal is to create a safe and lucrative environment for all whole body cryotherapy business owners. We also seek to create an industry that has consistent information across the board. This approach is the only way this industry has a chance at growing and scaling the way we envision it.

Currently, cryotherapy business owners are not fully informed of all the Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to running a whole body cryotherapy business – and this puts consumers at risk and the business owners of facing legal actions against them.

Cryotherapy Enthusiasts – Be Well Informed

So every week, we scour the Internet to see exactly what information is being posted and either correct or praise anyone that we see doing it right or saying it wrong.

This week, we found this video online depicting a location in Chicago, (Chicago Cryo Spa) being interviewed by a representative of Groupon and posted on Groupon’s YouTube Channel titled, 5 Things to Know About Cryotherapy.

At first glance, the video is well produced, with over 85k views, and the backdrop of this cryotherapy facility looked beautiful. This seemed like a great piece of content for the support of whole body cryotherapy in general.

After watching it for a few seconds, a few pieces of information being said was not fully correct, but it was easy to overlook it without getting disappointed. After watching fifty percent of the video, the misinformation that was being delivered was starting to stack up that we decided this is something that we need to make sure, our cryotherapy community was not collecting this information and relaying it to their customers.

This is the type of information that keep skeptics away, and the medical community, along with the FDA, doing what it can to keep this out of the hands of people that truly need this therapy.

Here is the video in its entirety. Watch it and tell us what you think:

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