The CryoEvo (CryoCab)

The Most Advanced Cryo Chamber in the World: The CryoEvo

The Future of Cryo Chamber Technology
The CryoEvo and the CryoFirst are the ONLY cryo chambers on the market with nitrogen aspirators. These aspirators are located at the top of the chamber walls in order to recycle nitrogen back into the chamber and save your business money every single session. On top of that, these aspirators prevent nitrogen from getting into the users face which can be very unsafe. Overall, this feature gives the CryoEvo a much safer and pleasant experience for the user while saving the operator money.

Best Cryochamber on the market - The CryoCab


Designed by robotics engineers, this all-steel cryosauna is built to last forever.  The CryoEvo also offers multiple safety sensors and a robust computerized operating system, which gives a business owner the peace of mind they need when handling a high tech treatment device.

CryoCab Cryotherapy Cryochamber - Safest Cryosauna in the USA


The CryoEvo is the only system to actually solve the elevator lift problem. All other cryosaunas use ancient technology known as “risers” to raise the clients chin safely above the nitrogen vapor line. With it’s innovative Slider System, the CryoEvo has the outer walls move up and down to accommodate the client, rather than raising the client from the floor. This unique design eliminates the need for electronic lifts that easily break down and unnecessary pads that can absorb moisture and freeze your users feet.

CryoCab Cryotherapy Cryochamber - Safest Cryosauna in the USA


The CryoEvo cryotherapy system includes the only nitrogen vapor aspirator technology that extracts the gas away from the users face allowing for a safer experience. The technology also recycles the nitrogen throughout the cabin area for a more efficient consumption process. This, along with advanced software technology, can bring the usage down to as low as 4 liters per session.



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