The CryoEco – Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

State of the Art – 2019 All Electric Cryo Chamber

The Future of the Whole Body Cryotherapy Industry
  • 100% Electric
  • Breathable Air Technology
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fully glazed door to ensure a visual contact between patient and operator
  • Visible screen inside the cab showing temperature and session time to the client
  • Touchpad allowing cabs supervision
  • Mobile App compatible with iOS and Android
  • Remote /automated cooling through mobile app
  • LED lighting inside and outside the cab
  • Speakers inside for music during the session
  • Heating resistance to defrost and dry the cab during the night
  • Takes 3 hours to cool to -166F (Can be programmed to begin cooling before you open)
  • Will only cost you ~$20 a day in electricity to use.
  • No venting required, only air conditioning is necessary
  • 220v/16a
CryoEco - Electric Cryotherapy Chamber


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