Cryo Location: Shánt Wellness in Apopka, Florida

Cryotherapy Location - Apopka, Florida

New Cryotherapy Location: Welcome Shánt Wellness & Chiropractic in Apopka, Florida

Update your Whole Body Cryotherapy or Wellness Office with some of our custom posters and graphics that we’ve created for your use. This will assist in creating a safer environment as well as a more consistent sharing of content and up-to-date information for all whole body cryotherapy operators and technicians across the world.

The way we stand during a typical 3-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is as important as the therapy itself. We’ve seen everything from people running in place, “During the entire session, the intensity of movement is limited to only a slow walk in place in order to eliminate the effect of skeletal/muscle activity on the dynamics of cooling and heating of the body.”

  • Thermal Shock” from the extreme cold temperature will activate your body’s fight or flight response and release valuable homones and neurotransmitters to boost your energy, metabolism and your immune system.
  • The natural tendency is to cover up these areas of your body to generate heat to protect you from the extreme cold temperatures. Exposing the lymph nodes in these areas will assist in jumpstarting lymphatic drainage.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms hanging alongside your body, separating your hands about a foot from your hips. A secondary option is to place your hands along the top ridge of the cryosauna.
  • Avoid jogging or actively moving in place as this will fight against the vasoconstriction process and removal of blood and toxins deep within the peripheral tissue for a more effective, detoxifying experience.

Our mission is to continually provide resources to all wellness businesses, not just those who focus specifically on the Cryotherapy market. This allows us to create consistency with information and start growing an industry that has pure and genuine substance.

With that, we always welcome your comments and feedback so that we can grow this together!

Cryotherapy Location Apopka, Florida Shant Wellness
Cryotherapy Location Apopka, Florida Shant Wellness
Cryotherapy Location Apopka, Florida Shant Wellness
Cryotherapy Location Apopka, Florida Shant Wellness
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