Good Chill To Unveil Official Cryotherapy Locations Global Website At The 2016 ESPYS

Good Chill To Unveil Official Cryotherapy Locations Global Website At The 2016 ESPYS

Athletes across the world will now have a place to get their “Chill” on at whatever city they travel to, with the highly popular and beneficial performance and recovery treatment – Whole Body Cryotherapy.

By signing up on the Good Chill Club website, cryotherapy enthusiasts from around the world, will be able to choose from over 500 cryotherapy locations listed on the website, review consumer ratings, purchase gift certificates and vouchers, and also be able to book a cryotherapy session directly from the website.

During the last year and a half, the number of cryotherapy locations across the United States, has seen a boom in the number of cryotherapy locations that are available. With this fast-paced growth, many entrepreneurs are getting innovative and taking advantage of this opportunity to develop products that will cater to the needs of consumers and business owners in the cryotherapy industry.

One industry visionary in particular, Joel Cruzada, President of CryoNext, has been developing products and services specifically for the cryotherapy industry for the last two years in addition to distributing the best whole body cryotherapy devices and supporting modalities in the industry.

“We were inspired by the idea of creating a website that would allow athletes, who traveled frequently, to be able to use cryotherapy at any city across the country or the world, that would offer the same pricing and convenience to any customer who joined the club,” explained Joel. “So by creating a membership platform where cryotherapy merchants can participate and offer their services, customers will now have one location to search and book cryotherapy sessions. We will be offering the hundreds of athletes attending this year’s ESPYS a FREE cryotherapy session at all cryotherapy locations listed on the website.”

Outside of listing whole body cryotherapy locations, the Good Chill Club website integrates geo-location technology that will serve up the nearest cryotherapy locations within a five-mile radius. It also features an e-commerce store to provide merchandise specific to the needs of the consumers in the industry, a social media platform for cryotherapy enthusiasts to use as a sounding board for feedback and a place to find resources shared by like-minded individuals, a voucher and booking engine to purchase single sessions as well as memberships for consumers to be able to use at any participating Good Chill cryotherapy location (aka “Good Chill Spot”) across the world.

The Good Chill Club will provide a Yelp-like atmosphere that will provide real-time feedback from cryotherapy consumers, that will make it beneficial for anyone looking to try out a specific cryotherapy location they are interested in visiting.

The Good Chill brand was designed with the idea that it will provide more than just whole body cryotherapy locations. The site will also cater to other service industries that will offer customers who are looking for relaxation modalities like massage, spas, floatation and other relaxing therapies that can be called a “Good Chill Spot” – a place to chill and relax.

What’s Next? CryoNext and their forward-thinking business philosophy, focuses on this two-word, but very motivating statement, as they continue to deliver new innovative products and applications in an industry that is growing and hungry for more products and services and the need to provide consistency in information and processes. Their leadership will pave the way for so many business owners to have an opportunity to succeed in a young and untapped industry.

Visit the Good Chill Club website to see all of this for yourself and so many more amazing features that will truly revolutionize the whole body cryotherapy industry.

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