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RevoCryo™ Cryosauna

CryoNext Presents the RevoCryo

World’s first portable cryotherapy system.

Imagine a whole body cryotherapy system that you can pack and check as luggage on a commercial flight. Imagine the ability to travel where your cryotherapy needs exist. It may be an away game for an athletic team or to serve each location of your gym franchise or even for mobile, personalized, visits to your customer’s location.

The RevoCryo opens a new world of possibilities and virtually creates an industry in which you can succeed. » Click below to download our brochure.

Laser Cut Aerospace Fabrics.

The industry’s first inflatable Cryotherapy Chamber consists of 100 individual and precision designed laser cut sections of our special fabric sourced to withstand the extreme temperatures of the cryotherapy process. In comparison, the industry standard heavy-weight, rigid aluminum, wood and foam constructed chambers of the competition, the RevoCryo chamber is clearly next generation engineering combined with cutting edge safety and design.

Superior engineering and design permits their specialized fabric to be individually hand-stitched by a US based Master Craftsmen, into twenty individual air chambers. This design is so strong that these chambers are able to provide the structural support for the chamber as well as the insulating performance, without the need for additional dense foam or other insulation, to maintain the temperatures necessary for the Cryotherapy process.

Whole Body Cryotherapy - Made in the USA

The First Portable Cryotherapy Device in the USA
CryoNext is the Proud Partner of RevoCryo!

Purpose Built Nitrogen Flow System

To date, the industry standard has been for Cryotherapy units to utilize off the shelf components for nitrogen pumping. With RevoCryo, our nitrogen supply and flow system was specially designed for use in this application. We consulted the best engineering minds available to design a system that is incredibly efficient, durable and, most important, capable of delivering on the promise of the required temperatures for the cryotherapy process consistently.

Touchscreen User Interface

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The user experience is leading edge with an industrial level controller with touch screen capabilities. Our controller is designed for use in heavy industry, large-scale manufacturing and in nuclear power generation facilities. The RevoCryo is Internet connected which provides the user with monitoring and reporting functionality and can notify our engineering team of any maintenance or function issues.

Hand Crafted & Precision Engineered

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Engineered and manufactured in the USA to be ultra efficient as well as extremely versatile, the RevoCryo is the only Cryotherapy unit of its kind in the world. Designed and built using their experience in top level professional motorsports where, like the space program, only the highest quality materials, the strictest attention to detail and working within the narrowest tolerances possible will guarantee the expected results.

Premium Materials

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Materials designed and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on Earth, including the summit of Mount Everest, military campaigns and the absolute extremes outside our atmosphere in the aerospace industry, the RevoCryo is not only lightweight, fast and efficient, its engineering and construction is proven to withstand and perform.

Are you ready to be part of the Revolution?

Cryotherapy Simplified

In an industry where currently every option available is large, heavy, consisting of hundreds of individual parts, and using overly complex systems, RevoCryo has positioned itself to be the simple, elegant solution.

Simplicity means less maintenance worries, ease of use, and consistent performance for CryoNext clients.

Simplicity means a lower cost of entry for newcomers to the Cryotherapy industry, as well as a lower cost of expansion for businesses currently in the Cryotherapy space.

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