Top 5 Benefits of Cryotherapy

Top 5 Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cyrotherapy or “cold therapy” is an effective technique where a person is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. This process has a number of positive effects and health benefits as the temperature drops between negative 200 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

So what are the benefits of literally freezing your butt off? Check out our top 5 benefits of cryotherapy below.

1. Reduce Joint & Pain Associated With Arthritis

Cold therapy and cryotherapy treatments are incredibly effective at reducing pain in people with arthritis and allowed for more aggressive physiotherapy treatments as well.

2. Help Treat Skin Conditions

While you might not be able to feel your skin, chronic inflammatory skin diseases have shown that with increased antioxidant levels, the human body is able to reduce inflammation significantly. Both localized and whole-body treatment can help with different kinds of dermatitis.

3. Control Nerve Irritation

Tweaked a nerve? Try cryotherapy! Many professional athletes have been using cryotherapy to treat nerve issues because of it’s ability to not only numb the pain but also the irritated nerve. Cryotherapy has proven to be effective at treating pinched nerves, chronic pain and other acute nerve injuries.

4. Unwind & De-Stress

Cryotherapy has also proven to be an effective treatment for stress and mood disorders. The ultra-cold temperatures can cause physiological hormonal responses that include the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and endorphins which have a positive effect on people with migraines and mood disorders.

5. Workout Recovery

Sore from your last tough workout? Let your body recover in a cryotherapy chamber. The instant blast of cold air allows your body to reduce inflammation quickly, allowing your muscles to relax and recover afterwards.

As always, speak with a medical professional before using cryotherapy to treat any known medical conditions. For any other questions and health benefits from cold therapy, contact Cryonext today!