About Us


Whether you’re looking to start a wellness business or add cryotherapy to an existing location, we have the solutions. 


We have physical locations in Orlando that we use as showrooms to not only show you our technology, but how to operate your business. Feel free to contact us to setup a time to come down and visit. We’ll even  take the cost of your trip off the price of your cryo chamber.


Engineers, doctors, athletes and estheticians all agree that our cryosaunas are at the forefront of whole body cryotherapy technology, safety, and design.


The Whole Body Cryotherapy industry can be compared to the same growth that the spa, wellness, and tanning industries all experienced. Those markets are currently showing billions in revenue with tens of thousands of locations established nationwide. Now is the time to become part of this accelerated growth.




» Products

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy Cryosaunas
  • Sensory Deprivation Salt Flotation Pods
  • Recovery Pump Compression Therapy
  • HyperIce Vyper Vibrating Foam Rollers
  • Avazzia Microcurrent Therapy
  • Pivotal Vibration Machines
  • Zimmer Local Cryotherapy
  • Zimmer Local Infrared
  • Massage Chairs & Adjustment Tables


» Services

  • Business Plan & Coaching Services
  • Location & Demographic Consultation
  • Space Planning
  • Web Design, Graphic Design & Branding
  • Online Marketing, SEO & Social Media
  • PR & Media Services
  • Good Chill Club Cryotherapy Membership
  • Extended Warranty & Equipment Service
  • Insurance & Equipment Financing Options
  • Installation & Training
  • POS & Online Booking
  • Operator Certification
  • Nitrogen Procurement


» Networking & Education

  • National Expo & Conference
  • Ongoing Online Education
  • Quarterly Live Seminars
  • Daily Cryo Online Magazine
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