The NEXT Floating Experience

Easy setup. No plumbing. No filtration systems required.

Temperature Controlled Float

When you use the Zerobody, your body stops regulating body temperature. This gives you more energy to produce endorphins, in turn lowering pain signals and sometimes producing euphoric feelings. Instead of supporting you, the Zerobody absorbs you to imitate the floating sensation.

Sensory Deprivation or Guided Meditation

Optional eye mask or eye pillow for total darkness. Noise cancelling headphones for optional sensory deprivation, guided meditation or music. A light lumbar massage feature is also available.

Save Time and Money

30 minute sessions, no showers, no clean up, and no major build out/operating costs. Simple installation, no need for salt or water filtration systems.

Leasing & Financing Options Available

Zerobody® CryoNext Float Therapy Technology
Zerobody® CryoNext Float Therapy Technology


  • Minimal space requirements
  • No extensive buildout needed
  • No filtration pumps or water lines required
  • Salt is not necessary
  • Clothing can be worn
  • Easy access for persons with injuries or disabilities